Charidy Foundation to award $200,000 in First Ever Chabad Charidy Challenge


The Charidy Foundation is proud to announce the opening of registration for the Chabad Charidy Challenge


Designed as a united giving day for Chabad organizations, the challenge will offer shluchim and Chabad Mosdos the opportunity to win prizes totalling a minimum of $200,000



“We know just how much the pandemic has strained non profits,” says Yehuda Gurwitz, CEO of Charidy. “With this challenge, we want to give them the opportunity to keep redefining what’s possible during this time and be awarded for their efforts”



Every Shliach will have the opportunity to join the Chabad Charidy Challenge

With a tiered reward system, the challenge will dare shluchim to make breakthroughs in their fundraising and set higher goals for themselves

Each Mosod will be able to receive an automatic grant and win greater cash prizes based on challenges they meet



The challenge will start on Hei Teves Didan Notzach, the 20th of December

***Registration will close December 11***



Grant of $1,000 for every campaign that raises $25K or more from 150 donors

Grant of $1,800 for every campaign that raises $50K or more from 200 donors



Each tier will have multiple raffles** 

Tier 1: $10K - $50K

Prizes will range from $500 to $10,000 

Tier 2: $50K - $75K

Prizes will range from $1000 to $20,000 

+Tier 3: $75K

Prizes will range from $1000 to $30,000 



Participating organizations will also receive special pricing on Charidy services and tech platforms 

2.5% with tip model activation


Please leave your details here
:and we’ll get back to you shortly


Terms and Conditions


Only funds raised from campaign donors excluding matchers will count towards the tiers

**Prizes are subject to change and will reflect the number of mosdos in each tier.

To qualify for each raffle, the following minimum must be met:

$10K - $50K → 100 donors

$50K - $75K → 200 donors

$75K+ → 300 donors

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